Resources & Research

The following resources cover a variety of topics and are intended to help educate and inform parents, both before and after the procedure. 

Dr. Ghaheri's Blog:

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Bobby Ghaheri. His blog is extremely educational and informative. I always recommend parents should read up on tongue ties and the rationale behind releasing them before having treatment done.



The following is an article from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the efficacy of release on tongue-tied newborns (and how it improves nipple pain during breastfeeding):


It is crucial to follow up with your lactation specialist to ensure your baby has proper positioning to help develop a proper latch now that the lip and/or tongue are released. If you need help finding a lactation specialist, please ask Dr. Aaronson for some recommendations. 

The "lip flipple" is a technique to help get a deeper latch. Example:

Sleeping Tongue Posture:

Tummy Time Exercises:


Suck training:



Bodywork (chiropractics, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, etc.) releases the tense fascia so that there is less pain and so that your baby's body can adapt to its new function. It helps assimilate the new function and ensures better mobility. Be sure to use a bodyworker who has experience treating infants and is knowledgeable about ties. 


What bodywork for babies looks like: 

Sleep-Disordered Breathing:

Dr. Soroush Zaghi, an ENT and founder of The Breathe Institute in Los Angeles, has done extensive research on tongue ties and obstructive sleep disordered breathing (oSDB). He lectures worldwide on the topic, and his videos and articles (as well as other related articles) are a wonderful source of information on the association between tongue tie, oSDB, and other airway issues and their effect on overall health.


Obstrictive Sleep Disordered Breathing and its effect on behavior (Isaiah et al):


The safety and efficacy of lingual frenuloplasty and myofunctional therapy (Zaghi):

Functional Improvements of Speech, Feeding, and Sleep After Lingual Frenectomy Tongue-Tie Release (Baxter):