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Thank you for choosing New Generation Dental Center! The following information should help answer any questions you may have about your visit and may vary depending on the age of the patient. Please read this section carefully so that you will be as informed as possible prior to your visit. We are unable to schedule an appointment without a completed registration form, so if you would like to be seen in our office, we encourage you to fill out the appropriate registration form (at the bottom of this page) and we will call you within 1 business day to schedule an appointment.

INFANTS (0-12 months): If you are working with an IBCLC, we ask that you please ask her to send her notes to Dr. Aaronson prior to your visit. This provides much needed information about the feeding history and what the IBCLC has seen that might affect diagnosis and treatment. If Dr. Aaronson has not received your IBCLC's notes and has any questions or concerns about feeding issues, there may be a delay in treatment until she is able to connect with the IBCLC.  If you are working with an IBCLC, and if treatment is indicated and Dr. Aaronson feels your baby is ready to treat, you have the option to treat the same day, or you may reschedule for another day. You will never be forced to make any treatment decisions during your visit and are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible to help you come to a decision regarding treatment. 

If you are not working with an IBCLC, you are still welcome to come for a consultation, but Dr. Aaronson will not be able to treat your child until there is an IBCLC working with you and your child to ensure a good outcome.


Please note: It is strongly recommended that you are working with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who will be able to help with a functional assessment as well as feeding (both breast and bottle) before and after treatment. If you are not working with a feeding specialist, treatment is unlikely to be done on the day of the consultation, as outcomes are more favorable when infants are properly prepared for release and when they receive proper post-op feeding therapy. 


TODDLERS (1-3 years): In most cases, Dr. Aaronson does not treat tongue ties on children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, usually due to difficulties with post-op exercises and cooperation, though exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. We do ask that you ask any feeding therapists and/or speech-language pathologists to send notes, if available. 


CHILDREN (4-17 years) and ADULTS (18+): We require a consultation visit prior to treatment, and will not treat the same day as the consultation. This is to ensure that Dr. Aaronson feels you are ready for release, that there are no anatomical concerns that might require a change in treatment planning, and it gives both Dr. Aaronson as well as the patient a chance to discuss treatment goals, risks, and benefits. If you have notes available from your myofunctional therapist, please ask to have those sent prior to your visit, if possible. 

Please note: Dr. Aaronson works closely with speech/language pathologists, feeding therapists, and myofunctional therapists to ensure proper pre-op preparation and post-op care to ensure proper healing and improve outcomes. This does not apply to lip ties, which do not require speech/myofunctional therapy pre-op.





The fee for a consultation is $150 for patients of all ages. 



Ages 0-3: The fee for a frenectomy is $799 per site. The tongue is considered a single site, and the upper lip and buccals (cheeks) are considered a separate site. Therefore, treating just a tongue tie would cost $799, and treating a tongue and lip (with or without buccals) would be $1,598. There is no charge for follow-up visits. The maximum out-of-pocket cost is $1,598. This does not include the $150 consultation fee. 


Ages 4+: The cost for a tongue tie release is $899 and a lip tie is $799. This does not include the $150 consultation fee. 


Payment is due at the time of service, and your insurance company should reimburse you directly if treatment is covered (if they send us reimbursement, we will refund your credit card or issue a refund check the same day we receive it.)



INSURANCE: Dr. Aaronson is an out-of-network provider for all dental and medical insurance. In order to best anticipate your financial responsibility, you should contact your medical and/or dental insurance provider directly in advance. When you call your insurance company, please be sure to inform them that you are seeing an out-of-network dental provider. Please note: some insurance companies require pre-authorization, in which case we would need to submit paperwork, including photos, prior to any treatments.


We will provide you with a superbill and all the forms necessary to submit for reimbursement from your medical insurance, however we are no longer able to submit medical claims on your behalf. We will, however, submit a dental claim if your child is on your dental insurance, even though coverage would still be based on whether you have out-of-network coverage. Payment in full is due at the time of service, regardless of insurance coverage.


The procedure codes are as follows

  • Medical Insurance: CPT codes 40819 (lip/cheek, diagnosis code Q38.0); 41115 (tongue, diagnosis code Q38.1)

  • Dental Insurance: ADA Code D7961 (lip/cheek); D7962 (tongue, infant); D7963 (tongue, child/adult)


What to bring to your appointment: 

  • For infants, a bottle of pumped milk or formula, if possible. Some babies may still have trouble latching after the release, and a bottle is often easier for them to latch onto. If you use a nipple shield to feed your baby, please bring it with you if you anticipate needing it. 

  • If you or your child has dental insurance coverage, please bring all insurance cards to your visit.

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