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In order to ensure the best outcomes, we require that all patients are working with a team of providers who can evaluate, treat, and support proper function from start to finish. For infants, this means a feeding specialist (IBCLC, CLC, SLP), as well as manual therapists (chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, occupational therapist, etc.) when indicated.

It is critical that all members of the provider team, as well as the patient/parents are on the same page throughout the release process. Therefore, we ask for the other providers to send us their notes prior to the patient's consultation and/or release appointment. Notes sent directly from the patient/parents may not be sufficient, as we do need to ensure that the other providers don't have other information that may not be on online/emailed notes.

To facilitate this process, we have created online forms that should be filled out only by the other providers, not the patient/parents. Providers are welcome to email us their notes if they prefer, but this form may be easier for others.

Or click HERE to send an email with referral notes.

0-12 months

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