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"Just wanted to let you know that [my daughter] is now 2 months and breastfeeding has been going GREAT -- She's 85th percentile for weight now and I'm working on pumping which I believe is going much better due to not having sore nipples 100% of the time. So thank you AGAIN!"

"The procedure was a huge success for us with [our son.] It took two weeks of healing and fussiness and then he breastfeed beautifully. It would take him 5 minutes per breast after that and ZERO PAIN! We are very thankful for your expertise and guidance in the process."

"I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW SIMPLE THIS WAS - [my daughter] feels like a totally different baby on the breast and I can start to enjoy this rather than fear or dread nursing... this has saved me - and whatever happens from here, I can handle!"

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