Speech Issues

When the tongue is unable to move freely, a child may have difficulty producing certain speech sounds. The most common letters affected are R, S, L, Z, D, CH, TH, and SH, but other sounds are also difficult. Furthermore, stringing multiple sounds together may also present a challenge. Most children learn to compensate and are still able to produce normal-sounding speech, despite limited movement of the tongue. Lip ties are not known to cause any speech problems.

There is no guarantee that a tongue tie will automatically create speech problems, just as there is no guarantee that a frenectomy will solve existing problems. Delayed speech is not a symptom of a tongue tie. There are, however, recent studies that show speech improvements after frenectomy. 

Working with a speech-language pathologist or speech therapist is an important step towards helping your child learn to produce proper speech sounds, regardless of whether there are tongue restrictions or not.