Insurance & Fees

Dr. Aaronson is an out-of-network provider for all medical and dental insurance. It is always recommended to call your insurance in advance to verify coverage of any treatments, as we are not able to guarantee coverage due to our out-of-network status. All insurance companies are different, and all plans are different, even within the same network. The most reliable way to determine if treatment is covered is to call your insurance carrier directly and ask. Be sure to inform them that we are an out-of-network dentist. We will handle all insurance submission on your behalf to try to maximize reimbursement. Please note: any fees not covered by insurance are your responsibility. Payment is due at the time of service, and any payments made by your insurance will be sent directly to you.

There is no charge for an evaluation or for a follow-up visit. If treatment is indicated, you have a choice to have treatment completed the same day, or to schedule a visit for another day. There is no charge for retreatments within 12 months of the initial release date.


The fee is $649 for each frenectomy site, i.e. treatment for a lip tie and a tongue tie would be $1298. There is a single charge for a tongue tie release, regardless of the presence of an "anterior tie," "posterior tie," or both. There is no charge for 3rd sites (e.g. buccal ties.)

Here is some information that you may need while seeking coverage information:

Dental Insurance:


Codes for Reimbursement:


ADA Code
D 7960 – Frenulectomy/Frenectomy

The code for a frenectomy is the same for the lip and tongue (Upper Maxillary Labial Frenulum/UP) and (Lower Mandibular Lingual Frenulum/LO.)  Depending on your dental insurance carrier they may require certain descriptive words to differentiate between the arches, either upper (UP, UL or UA) or lower (LO, LL or LA).

Medical Insurance:


Codes for Reimbursement:


ICD 10 and CPT Codes
ICD 10 Code: Diagnosis of Ankyloglossia (Tongue Tie) Q38.1
ICD 10 Code: Diagnosis of Restricted Labial Frenulum (Lip Tie) Q38.0

Procedure CPT Code: Lingual or Lower Tongue Frenulum / Frenotomy: 41115

Procedure CPT Code: Labial or Upper Lip Frenulum / Frenotomy: 40819